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Here are some websites that you might find interesting or useful.

Facebook Check out my facebook site. Put my name in their search box - you'll find me.
Shakatak This is the official Shakatak web site which has up to date news, photos, discography, etc.
Jazznights The site for my jazz club in Suffolk, UK.  Future program, musicians directory, links, gallery, etc.
Rebop Top repertory jazz group.
Drummerworld Brilliant video clips of all the great drummers here.
The World of Drums and Drumming Top site for drummers, including Hints and Tips, Notation, Software, Midi-files and Jokes!.
Drumbum This is a real excellent site all round with a great lesson section.
Rhythm "Every drummer needs it" - How true, how true.  Top UK drum mag.
Modern Drummer Magazine The web site of probably the best US drum magazine.
City Rhythm This is an unofficial Shakatak site run from the U.S.A.  It's loaded to the hilt with more bumph.
JazzUK A useful publication covering the entire UK jazz scene.  Maybe the largest circulation in Europe.
Bill Sharpe The site for Shak keyboard-player Bill Sharpe. Lots of facts, info and photos.
Steve Gadd's Unofficial Site Steve Gadd transcriptions, news, photos and stuff.
Drumweb Check this out for loads-a-links to other drummers, plus a great picture gallery.
Acoustix An American on-line drum store.
Vic Firth More sticks than you can shake a ....erm.... stick at!
Hardcase This site has some seriously tuff cases for all your drum gear.
Sabian Sabian's Homepage with their 'virtual vault' where you can see and hear all the cymbals.
Australian Percussion Web A great site for drum transcriptions in particular, but also lots of other goodies.
Drumset Connect Drum and percussion forums, articles, reviews, tabs, multimedia and shopping!
Drums on the Web Download your favorite music from drummers and percussionists! Interviews, photos, lessons.
Passion Music The site for Inside Out and Passion Jazz, the Shakatak UK labels.
Unofficial Shakatak Site Another excellent unofficial site run from Holland, with lots of photos, etc.
Drum Network Used drum equipment and the 'worlds largest selection' of drumsticks!?
South Jersey Rhythm Section Collective More drum info from this American site.
Jazz Services The definitive site for info on the UK jazz scene.  Bands, musicians, agents, clubs, etc.
Jazz East A site that covers all the jazz, latin, and funk activity in the eastern region of the UK.
Recording Connection An established music industry school where students train for careers in recording.
Drumtalk How do you play a double-flam-paradiddlediddle-ratamacue-double inverted?
Jacqui Hicks Ace UK singer featured on the Beatifik CD and Shakatak backing singer, plus sax and flute.
Mornington Lockett Killer saxophonist, heavily showcased on my Beatifik CD. A great site with sax tuition pages.
Peter Lockett Ace UK multi-percussionist and acknowledged leader in his field. 
Billy Thompson Electric-violinist extraordinaire who plays in the Peter Lemer Quartet and others.
John Critchinson Top UK jazz pianist appearing with Jacqui Hicks, Ronnie Scott Legacy Band, etc.
Smooth & Soul The best site for contemporary jazz/funk/latin/fusion/nu-skool/ old-skool/etc/etc. 
Jazz at the Fleece Local jazz club in Boxford, Suffolk, where I've seen some great UK drummers. 
World At Your Beat An excellent site with tons of drum links and enough lesson pages to keep you busy.
Chuck Silverman Chuck is acknowledged to be at the forefront of Contemporary Latin drumming.
Staxdrum Check this European flavoured site for a different slant on all things drummy.
Clark Tracey A classy site with lots of good stuff on this unique Modern Jazz/Be-Bop drummer.
Martin France Much-in-demand UK drummer working mainly in the contemporary jazz area.
Paul Robinson Great UK drummer's new site with lots of downloads and other interesting stuff.
Dave Walsh Manchester's gain is London's loss - a great drummer with a great site.
The Drum Machine Well worth checking out.  Nicely laid out site with access to a load of useful information.
DM Company Another great site with excellent transciptions page and bags of other goodies.
Rhythmweb If World Percussion is your thing, then this is the site for you.
Drummers Collective The site of the famous New York drum tuition centre. Some great lesson pages.
Adorishop A great German Mail Order site where you can buy the fab Beatifik CD.
Amazon The UK version.   Beatifik CD also available here.
Smoothtrax One of the best UK sites for Smooth Jazz, Jazz Funk, or whatever you want to call it.
Olympic Radio Check this out for reviews, charts, and top jazz, soul, R&B info, and all sorts of bumph.
Session Drummer UK drum site with info on rudiments, loops to check out, and other groovy thing-a-me-bobs.
The Jazz Site A cool Contemporary Jazz site hosted from the UK with a great review section.
Ronnie Scott's Site for the world famous Jazz Club featuring the best in Modern Jazz.
The Vortex Known as "London's listening jazz club" now moved to brand new venue. 
ejazzNews A great on-line jazz paper that's well worth a look around.
Alessio Riccio Italian drummer with an amazing site.  Not for the nervous!
Mike Dolbear This is a great drum site hosted from the UK with a lot of useful information.
Mark Simpson UK drummer with a great site. Some nice grooves you can get your head around.
Virtual Drummer Free lessons from the top pros including video clips - a nice site.
PowerJamms A useful site dedicated to drum "play alongs" and instruction books, videos, etc.
Cafe Jazz A Canadian jazz radio site that plays the good stuff.
Drummerdude Another great drum site with all the usual stuff plus interviews with top drummers.
Steve Roberts Site for the drummer with Billy Thompson's band - lots of goodies.
Tagg'd Drum Heads Get a nice picture on your bass drum head.
Drums and Drummers Another useful site for all things drummy.
DrumPRO A cool on-line drum magazine.
KtPercussion Site with an emphasis on percussion groups.
DrummerShack Great UK site for all things drummy.