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Drum Sets

YAMAHA 9000 Recording Series in Hot Red.

22 x 16 Bass Drum
10 x 8 Tom
12 x 8 Tom
13 x 9 Tom
14 x 10 Tom
16 x 16 Tom

The Bass Drum has a standard Black Yamaha head on the front with 10" hole, and a Remo Pinstripe on the Batter side. I use a duck feather pillow for muffling.

The Toms have Pinstripes on the Batter side, and Ambassadors for Resonators, generally with no damping for live work.

GRETSCH Anniversary Jazz Kit in Champagne Sparkle.

18 x 14 Bass Drum
12 x 8 Tom
14 x 14 Floor Tom
14 x 5 Snare Drum

Bass Drum has Remo Power Stroke 3 batter side, and Gretsch logo front. Snare and Toms have Remo Ambassadors or Remo Fiberskyns.  No damping.  This kit is one of only 3 imported into the UK.

REMO Master Edge in Natural Maple.

18 x 14 Bass Drum
10 x 8 Tom
12 x 9 Tom
13 x 11 Tom

I have a matching 20 x 16 Bass Drum with 9" hole in the front head p
lus pillow, for funkier stuff.  Black Remo head on the front, and Pinstripe on batter.

The head choice is either the same as the Yamaha, or sometimes I use Fiber-skyn 3 on the Batters.  The 18 Bass Drum is always set-up with Fibers both sides, with no hole in the front head, but sometimes I have a pillow taped inside the drum, pushing against both heads.

in Black.

22 x 16 Bass Drum
8 x 6 Tom
12 x 8 Tom
13 x 9 Tom
15 x 12 Tom
16 x 16 Tom

Note- I'm looking for a 10 x 8 Tom to match.  Any offers?

AJAX in Stained Yellow.  

20 x 16 Bass drum
12 x 8 Tom
12 x 10 Tom
16 x 16 Tom

Snare Drums

Ludwig 400 14 x 5.
Yamaha 9000
14 x 61/2.
Remo Master Edge
14 x 31/2.
14 x 6.
13 x 3.

All Snare Drums are fitted with Remo Ambassador Coated Batters, and Ambassador Clears for Snare side.


I've been using SABIAN cymbals since around 1983.

Shakatak set-up

20 Ride - one-off special with large un-lathed bell, and flanged edge
20 HH China
16 HH Medium Crash
16 HH Medium Thin Crash
14 HH Sound-control Crash
13 HH Regular Hats
12 HH China-Splash
12 HH Mini-Hats for X-Hats
10 HH Splash
8 B8 Splash
8 B8 Mini China-Splash

Jazz set-up

20 Duo Ride
16 Duo Crash
14 Duo Hats


Gibraltar Rack System,  Yamaha Double Bass Pedal,  DW 5000, Yamaha, Gretsch, Rogers and Premier Single Bass Pedals,  Yamaha, Remo and Ludwig Hi-Hat Stands, Yamaha and Mapex Snare Stands,  Yamaha and Remo Cymbal Stands, Gibraltar and Yamaha Stools.


Natal Congas
Natal Bongoes
Toca Timbales.
Various Hand Percussion.
Premier Vibraphone


I use VIC FIRTH products exclusively.

5A Hickory
SD10 Swinger Maple
Heritage Brushes
T1 Mallets
Gary Burton Vibe Mallets


All my gear is now protected by HARDCASE. These are the best cases by miles. They are as good as flight cases for strength, and much lighter, of course.